Stem Cell Therapy

Advanced Arthritis Treatment with Stem Cell Prolotherapy

Maui Regenerative Medicine is one of the only clinics offering Stem Cell Therapy in Hawaii for advanced arthritis and degeneration.

Our fat tissue is comprised of one of the most abundant sources of stem cells. We use your own fat to derive the cells -this is called autologous or from self. These pluripotent cells are capable of regenerating and replicating the healthy cells to which they are exposed.

By combining PRP, with its abundant growth factors, and the stem cell line, tissue regeneration is remarkable. Damaged ligament, tendon bone, skin and other connective tissue lines are very receptive to PRP/Stem cell combination.

ASC (autologous stem cells) are harvested mixed with PRP and injected to heal degenerative joint and ligament tissues. Degenerated tissue of a joint or ligament is identified by the stem cells. They can “home in” form a “Bioscaffold” and replicate new healthy copies of the damaged cell. Regeneration at its finest.

Effective For:

  • Advanced ligament degeneration
  • Degenerating bone due to loss of blood supply-as in avascular necrosis
  • Severe bone on bone arthritis.

How is the fat tissue collected?

This is done by micro liposuction and only 10-20 cc are removed. An area where plentiful fat cells reside, love handles, thighs or belly are usually used for collection. The area is first numbed with a local anesthetic and then a solution is delivered into the fatty tissue to help liquefy for painless easy extraction. The fat is then mixed with PRP to yield a very powerful stem cell starter to inject for advanced tissue regeneration. This has been used in plastic surgery for over twelve years with very positive results.

In orthopedics it has been found to be one of the best regenerative therapies for advanced arthritis and tendon repair.

You can read more here about step cell therapy from the Journal of Prolotherapy.