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Regenerative solutions for your aches and pains.

The answer to ending the pain cycle and further degeneration involves Regenerating and Healing the Connective Tissue-Ligaments, Tendons, Joint Tissue, and Cartilage. 

The most Effective way to heal connective tissues is to use Orthobiologics with Regenerative Injection Techniques. Umbilical Cord Stem Cells, Placenta Matrix Growth Factors, and Platelet Rich Plasma are extremely effective at repairing damaged connective tissue and painful joints.

Dr. Kevin Davison’s practice was featured in the Journal of Prolotherapy.

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Successful prolotherapy knee treatment for avid cyclist and world traveler.
JODI chooses treatment with RIT from Dr Davison in lieu of surgery.
JOAKIM NOAH inspired by regenerative injection techniques for shoulder.

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What Our Patients Say About Us

Here is what some of our patients have to say about treatments they have received from Dr. Davison.

No More Drugs

I came to Dr. Davison with a problem with my left shoulder.  Everyday pain and real range of motion deficiency.  I was taking 2000 mg of ibuprofen every day, taking cortisone shots, taking prednisone and I don’t do any of that anymore: no prednisone, no cortisone, no ibuprofen.   My range of motion has increased, my level of pain has decreased.  The normal everyday pain is not there.  I am really pleased with how it’s going.

No More Foot Pain

I visited Dr. Davison in May and my left heal was treated with PRP for plantar fasciitis.   Prior to that I had tried pretty much everything: insoles, wearing a special sock, icing it, all the exercises but the pain continued (for 6 months). Exercise made it alot worse. It was hard to not be active when we all want to be active. The heal was treated and within 2 days the pain was completely gone.  Now it is now 2 months later and it has yet to return and my foot feels great.

Can Do Anything I Want Pain Free

I’ve had prolotherapy on my lower back…I’ve had lower back pain for 25 years and after 3 treatments I was lower back pain free for 5 years. I also hurt my neck and my neck hurt for 20 years. I got 1 treatment on my neck and after it healed up my neck never hurt again…its been like 7 years.  I’ve injured my shoulder and my knee windsurfing and have got PRP on my shoulder and my knee with great results. Now I both lift weights and kite surf/wind surf.  I can do anything I want to do pain free.  It’s really worked for me. I recommend it.  

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